s : srry tanong lng po, ano ang monetary policies na inimplement ni arroyo?
k : lol hahaha
idk : tnx for info
sonny : godbless
desy : message
andrea : the issue of charter change is very blunt, please tell me where i can find a full article about it.
rena : my hw lead me here ugh
lol : salamat arroyo sa lahat
jiel kenneth
remoroza :
god bless to you
james anthony chi : best president ever!
jack purple : i know the one responsible for hello garci wire tap.
nameevelyn : get well soon madam president..
meeee : getwell. pakabait kana
err : hi gloria
pangit : kurakot ka
mark : scttwg
mark : uq1eo6
mark : d7dqiv
gordon : 2o3nqg
georgina : wow what a gal